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“Cinematography is so much about instinct and intuition – you want the same range of experience going into [what’s] behind the camera as what you see in front of it. Your life experience will come through the lens.” – Rachel Morrison

Every day we grow, learn, and always strive to be better than the last project. We are passionate about honing our skills and producing truly amazing shots that tell a story from the sky. Drones are unmatched when it comes to versatility, breaking creative boundaries, and saving time and money. Because of this, they are the tool we use to give stories life and motion – from the air. Cinematography isn’t just a job for us, it’s an art. And it’s one that we are passionate about.

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What Sets Our Drone Crew Apart

Atmosphere Drone crews are made up of full-size helicopter pilots, directors,
cinematographers, editors, motion graphic artists, and lighting specialists. Our crew has years of onset experience and has mastered the gamut of technical skills and knowledge.
This is because with our knowledge, we saw a new tool emerge in the cinema space that would open up infinite opportunities for creative storytelling and raise production value. We have established specialists who took to the air in a new world of possibilities. Read the rest of the story here.
Our team has mastered the art of cinematic camera movement. From feature films, live production, and broadcast to live events, there is nothing our drone crew has not done. There is nothing in New Orleans, Louisiana — or beyond — that we can’t handle.

Why Filming in Louisiana is Great with our Drone Crew

●So, New Orleans, Louisiana has a beneficial statewide tax credit for film and TV production.
● Atmosphere Drones is a Louisiana-based company, so as a result, using our drone crew allows productions to receive the Louisiana tax credit.
● All Atmosphere Drones crews are FAA approved to fly in all locations, including the most major airport areas.

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FAA Approved Drone Crew

First of all, we are an FAA Part 107 and FAA 333 exempt and insured drone crew. As a result, our dynamically trained pilots are fully certified with years of flying experience.

So what does the FAA mean for drones? It means our New Orleans based drone crew is authorized to fly drones for cinematic and data collection purposes all over the country, even in major airport areas. We are 100% authorized by the US government to operate our drones for commercial purposes. For information about drone laws, check out the FAA website.

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What Makes Atmosphere Drones Stand Out

● We have been flying drones since 2010. These years of knowledge allow us to approach any production’s needs from a creative, problem-solving point of view.
● Very few drone companies exist that have been flying cinematically for the number of years that we have. Experience is crucial when it comes to aerial camerawork.
● Most importantly, our crews are made up of cinematographers who first honed their skills and then became drone pilots. We understand the art of getting the perfect shot. Each part of our drone flight needs to be cinematic, from the pilot to the camera op to the gear prep.
● Because we are cinematographers, we understand the dynamics of being on set with a drone and are fully equipped to work with the crew for a seamless, painless and efficient shooting schedule.

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“WOWWW!!!!  Thank you for all your amazing aerial footage!!!!  That work you did for our film is very special and saves our films transitions — helping to give us more scope, and flow.  Repeatedly we have people commenting on how good the aerial photography is and we keep telling them that you and your team did a bang-up job —– we appreciate you taking our vision to the next level!!!  can’t wait to share it with you down the line!!

Thanks for sharing your gifts!!!  You saved our asssss!!!”

—Malik Vitthal, Director IMDB

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for your amazing job today.

We seriously got amazing footage from your drone.
Everyone was so excited when we saw the footage on my PC!!
From now on, we know the best drone operator in the New Orleans area.
If someone asks me for the good drone guy, I will give them your contact!!
Hopefully, we can work together sometime in the future!!
Again, Thank you so much!!”
—Yudai Ishihara


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